Bimota YB4ei YB4EI-R ECU ECM CDI black box computer brain (Weber Marelli IAW041, WB41.07 / 004.08)

IAW041 WB4141.07 / 004.08 MED
fabbricato da MARELLI AUTRONICA 12V DC

Product Image Item Name- Price
ECU ECM Research Costs 2

Click here for the Test/Repair form Testing ignition/injection unit ECU/ECM (black box / brain) or ignition unit with three or more outputs...

¥9.197 Inc TAX

ECU brain Repair - Revision 6

Click here for the Test/Repair form Revision price Injection/Ignition unit ECU/ECM/brain (sealed / potted) You pay this amount if your unit has been.

¥63.649 Inc TAX

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