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Ignition Source Coils - C32

- We manufacture a wide range of ignition & lighting source coils to fit new and older Japanese and European motorcycles. - All products are made.

¥7.863 Inc TAX

Improved Yamaha DT125 DT125LC YPVS CDI 34X-MO, 57U-MO, 37F-M1

Yamaha DT125 DT125LC YPVS CDI (34X-MO / 57U-MO / 37F-M1) Full power version Plug&Play 3 Year warranty For: Yamaha DT 125 LC MKII YVPS CDI-box...

¥36.346 Inc TAX

HTCDI - HT Coil & CDI Unit

Among other things for: Honda CR125R ignition coil 1979 1980 Honda CR250R ignition coil 1981 1982 1983 Kawasaki KX125 ignition coil 1981 1982 1983...

¥13.787 Inc TAX

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