Tiger (1996)

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Stator Kit - STK-200

Internal Rotor Sator kit - Simple to fit, no machining required. High energy self generating CDI ignition system located in place of the original...

¥34.408 Inc TAX

Triumph Tiger 900 CDI (T1290061 / 1290061)

Improved Triumph Tiger 900 CDI (T1290061 / 1290061) PLUG&PLAY - 3 Year warranty - For: Triumph Tiger 900 900HT CDI Triumph Tiger Streamer CDI...

¥51.774 Inc TAX

CARR991 Triumph MOSFET Voltage regulator rectifier

Improved MOSFET Voltage Regulator / Rectifier - CARR991 Also suitable for lithium ion batteries  1 year warranty Plug&Play Among others...

¥16.170 Inc TAX

Triumph single output ignition coil (355 1 00, 152-001-060T, 1290007, 1290046)

High performance very reliable improved single ignition coil, designed for Triumph motorcycles 1 year warranty Plug&Play High performance...

¥8.891 Inc TAX

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