400 LC4

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ST5500L - Lighting & Ignition Stator KTM

Usually suplied for 4-stroke KTM models, LC4 etc. Compare approximate resistance values below with originals: - Red to Black source coil 1400 ohms...

¥30.995 Inc TAX

Pick-Up trigger Coil - P1

Hole spacing 35mm Among others suitable for: Gas Gas EC200 1999 Gas Gas EC250 1996 1997 1998 1999 Gas Gas MC250 1998 1999 Gas Gas EC300 1999 Honda...

¥6.082 Inc TAX

CARR5601 KTM MOSFET Voltage regulator rectifier

Modern MOSFET Voltage Regulator / Rectifier - CARR5601 Also suitable for lithium ion batteries  1 year warranty Plug&Play Among others suitable..

¥12.165 Inc TAX

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